These are new features in angular 6

Now a day angular is the best web-based front end framework for mobile and desktop applications. Now angular get updating upto angular 6. See most of cases interviewer asking about what are the new features in angular 6. If you gone through all way on this page then you can get idea about it.

  • It supports Typescript 2.7.x
  • Decorator error messages has improved.
  • Added to supports of Native-Element
  • Added Optional generic type for ElementRef.
  • NgModelChange has updated.
  • Add type and hooks to directive def.
  • Enable size tracking of a minimal CLI render3 application
  • Add canonical view query
  • <template> changesĀ  to <ng-template>
  • The Angular team have decided to extend the long-term support (LTE) to all major releases starting with v4.
  • Webpack module also has been changed to version 4
Angular 6 Interview Questions

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