Login And Registration in Angular 6 – Sample Code with Example

Step 1. Folder structure in Angular 6

Angular 6 is the latest update.Angular development team has changed some features in angular 6. But folder structures remains same as previous version. Still you want to know the folder structures in angular 6 then go to this link diagram for quick understanding.
If you are beginners or want to learn from scratch then you must have to know how to install angular 6.

Step 2 – Angular 6 Auth Guard

It will protect user to go login page until unless user is not logged in. Means it restrict unauthenticated users from accessing restricted routes.


Step 3 – Fake  locally data stored for execute login and registration example.

Step 4.  Login Form Template

Step 5.  Login Component

Step 6 –  Register component

Step 7- Registration Component Template

Step 8 – Global Service

After logged in you will navigate to Dashboard Page:
[ NB: This will work only for angular not for angular CLI ]

So, in this simple tutorial, we have seen the following Points after download the souce code.

  • Download the source code
  • Install Node JS more than version(8.9+)
  • Install Angular  6
  • Create your project folder
  • Paste the zip file and extract
  • Run Command npm install   
  • Run npm start

Finally, Login And Registration in Angular 6 is over. Thanks for reading this example.


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