Angular 6 Interview Questions

It a one of the best release after the angular 5 in angularJs. Angular 6 is come up with many more features. So here you can get questions on angular 6 interview questions. Experienced candidate can get some programing related questions and answers in angular 6.

What are the new features in angular 6?

  • It supports Typescript 2.7.x
  • Decorator error messages has improved.
  • Added to supports of Native-Element
  • Added Optional generic type for ElementRef.
  • NgModelChange has updated.

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What is Ivy in angular 6?

Angular 6 come up with a  new features  render engine is called Ivy. It is a building-tool friendly, web-first render engine. It’s not default in angular 6 , you have to set it manually.

What is Component Dev Kit (CDK) in angular 6?

CDK allow us to build our own library of UI components using Angular Material.

What is Bazel Compiler in angular 6?


What is Closure Compiler in angular 6?


What is Service Worker in angular 6?






What are the new features in Angular 6
Login And Registration in Angular 6 - Sample Code with Example

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